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Såhär såg min betygsättning ut på Yelp idag efter vårt besök på Le Vertbois – Rue Vertbois/Rue de Montgolfier.

Went to the place and ordered a starter and main course with a glass of red wine. The starter a carpaccio was fantastic, with a fresh baguette and full red wine. Then the lamb on a bed of vegetables and rosemary sauce. The lamb was so bad and raw that it was only possible to eat 2-3 small pieces, even the knife could not cut the meat. This was a really cheap piece of meat. So I pointed out that this was really bad.

The waitress did not even bother to make an excuse. She just said, do you still want your friends dessert? And we said yes and thought at least they were going to replace the bad main course with at least 2 desserts. But NO! When we went down to pay we still had to pay the full price even though she saw that almost all of the meat was still on the plate.

She started instead to defend her self and said that I should not have touched the meat, then she would be able to replace us. But how do you know something is bad if you don’t taste it.

I told her that the meat was really bad.

Then the waitress told us -Leave and never come back again!!!

Talk about bad customer services. And don’t worry we will never come back to someone that treat your customers like this.

We would have given this a higher rate if not for the incident with the meat and the waitress arrogance. Now we would like to give this restaurant 0 stars, but I guess it’s not possible.

Paris have so many great restaurants so if possible try to avoid this rock bottom place.